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The eligibility criteria for London Borough of Bexley funded services are: Children and their families whose main need for services arises out of the child/young person’s disabilities or intrinsic condition; and these conditions have a substantial or critical impact on the quality of the child/young persons or/and their families lives; and the needs cannot be met by Universal/Targeted services alone. To be offered this service the child or young person must have a disability that has been formally diagnosed, and be permanent or long term and meets at least one of the following criteria:

• a severe or profound learning disability
• a severe or profound physical disability
• significant or profound sensory disability
 complex medical needs or long term condition expected to disable the child for more than one year
• life threatening illness
• severe communication disabilities or behavioural difficulties related to the child’s disability (eg autism)
• severe development delay
• a combination of disabilities, which individually are not severe but together cause as much stress as a very severe disability
• a diagnosis of deafness
• a diagnosis of blindness

These criteria are based on the definition of disability set out in the Children Act 1989. The criteria does not include children with

• mental health disorders unless in conjunction with a learning, physical or communication disability
• a disability or disabilities that are not severe
• behavioural problems due to social/environmental factors (ie not associated to a disability)
• a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD unless in conjunction with a learning, physical or communication disability

Buying Spaces

It may be possible for you to buy a place at the full cost, if all funded places are full or your child doesn’t meet the criteria but would still benefit from the service. Please contact the Snap Office on 01322 334192 or to find out more.’

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At Bexley Snap we provide exciting, challenging, and – most importantly – inclusive play and leisure activities for disabled children and young people.


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